Keys for articles in your blog to engage

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A blog is a means of communication without equal that allows its author to express himself, show his concerns and sell. It is one of the most important promotion and contact tools that exist on the internet, which is why more and more companies decide to incorporate it into their content marketing strategy. However, on the internet it is not enough to have a blog. You have to know how to reach the reader, empathize with him and get feedback . To achieve this it is important that your articles meet a series of requirements. We tell you the five most important for the articles of your blog to work.

5 keys so that everyone wants to read the articles of your blog

  1. Analyze the keywords.

Before writing your article you have to analyze which are the main keywords or keywords . That is, the terms that users search on Google and that can make them end up reading your post. For example, “small backpacks” or “cheap backpacks in Valencia”. This is the first and most important rule of positioning . Ideally, you create an Excel with all the keywords to know which ones you are using.

  1. Use a headline that draws attention.

The title of the article is the first thing the user will find. If we want him to stop and waste his time reading our article, we should be able to get his attention. What is involved is that the owner has a hook and arouses the curiosity of the reader to continue reading . If we also think about Google, the extension should be about 50 characters.

  1. Structure the text in a logical way.

If the article is extensive we must give it a logical and orderly structure that transmits clarity and also helps Google to index . The structure of titles and subtitles should be as follows: H1 à H2 à H3.

The H1 will be the title of the article and there will only be one in the whole post. The H2 will be the fundamental sub-sections of the article and will allow organizing the information to the reader. Finally, the H3 will be subtitles within the H2. It is fundamental for SEO that the keywords appear in these three headlines.

  1. Think like your readers.

If you want to reach your target audience you have to write thinking about it. To achieve it you have to get out of your head and enter yours . The language you use will be essential to achieve it. Writing for teenagers is not the same as writing for digital entrepreneurs. The only way for readers to get hooked to your content is to be able to adapt your language and your way of expressing yourself to them.

  1. Solve your problem

You must be able to solve your client’s problem. If the reader comes to your page from Google and leaves because he does not receive all the information he needed, bad for you. Your articles must have the extension and the necessary content so that the reader does not need to search for more information on the internet. If you get this, you will have trapped it in your networks forever.

If you put these five tips into practice, you will get the articles of your blog hooked. As extra tips, do not forget to use good images and not overload the blog . A minimalist design will allow the paragraphs to breathe and make the reading more pleasant.


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