Keys to having an online business with authority

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If you are savvy you will already have realized that digital businesses are still very green. Today, the Internet offers a very interesting opportunity for you to create your own online business with a ridiculous investment. However, this does not mean that the road is easy and that in a couple of weeks you can get 3,000 dollars.

On the internet there are a lot of vendehúms that assure that undertaking online is the panacea. They always try to sell a course with which they promise that you will learn to create a digital business that will allow you to fire your boss and live the life you dream of. However, they do not tell you that only 2% of online entrepreneurs end up living on their project .

Do not be fooled. The only secret for your online business to work is perseverance . There are no tricks or shortcuts to achieve success without effort. What there are are some guidelines that you must necessarily implement in your digital business if you want it to have authority and possibilities of success in the market.

How to get your online business to have authority

  1. Who you are

Normally, people who come to a website for the first time want to know who is behind it, so the section “Who I am” or “About me” is one of the most important of all. You should tell everything about yourself: who you are, your story, your successes, your failures … And most importantly, put a picture. Your readers will appreciate the image of a person to face the web.

  1. Content oriented to SEO

You have to love Google if you want Google to love you. If you do not get positioned for certain keywords , your business will be a drop in the ocean of the internet. If nobody knows you and nobody reads you, how do you plan to make money?

  1. Professional social networks

Despite the importance of the previous point, Google traffic is cold and volatile, so you have to be able to get your own traffic constantly. To achieve this you must put social networks to work in a professional manner. If you stay in “user level”, you should look for some type of training.

  1. Subscription list

Most people who come to a website thanks to Google, never return. To avoid this happening you have to create your list of subscribers, that is, a form that allows readers to subscribe to your content and thanks to which you can contact them whenever you consider it appropriate.

  1. Lead magnet

If you want your potential audience to subscribe to your content, you have to offer something for free that they can not refuse. This gift is known as lead magnet and will be the magnet to capture the emails with which you can later communicate.

For example, if you have a travel website, a good lead magnet could be an ebook entitled “The 21 keys to save on your vacation this summer.”

  1. Autoresponder by email

Imagine that you get a list of 1,000 subscribers. Do you plan to communicate with each of them individually? You would go crazy! Luckily, there are tools such as email autoresponders that allow you to create a sequence of emails that will be sent to your subscribers whenever you want and without having to intervene daily.

You already have the six keys for your online business to be successful. We invite you to investigate them more thoroughly before launching into the adventure of undertaking digitally. But do not forget a maxim: the product is the star factor . Without a good product to market, everything else is meaningless.


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