What can I sell with a blog to make money?

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In case you had not realized yet, we live in the knowledge society. Your brain is your most valued asset and your main tool to earn money. And how could it be otherwise, the Internet is the ideal complement you have to start monetizing your ideas. Every day thousands and thousands of new blogs are born in the world. A blog is like a bar. And selling with a blog is possible. It is that place to which everyone goes and in which everyone has a good time. Therefore, it is also the ideal place to put your brain to work.

Have you ever wondered what you can sell with a blog to make money?

Here is the answer:

  1. Services.

The easiest and most direct way to make money with a blog is by selling a service . This method is valid for lawyers, advisors, consultants, psychologists, teachers, coaches and freelancers in general. Any person able to offer a service to society can use a blog to win customers.

The procedure is as simple as publicizing your service through the blog and charging for it . For example, you can do a one-hour psychology consultation on Skype and charge 60 dollars. Or you can sell a 1-to-1 mentoring service to teach how to start a business in 6 months for 1,100 dollars.

  1. Digital products

The sale of digital products on the Internet is the most comfortable method , although not the fastest, to obtain long-term passive income with our blog. Digital products are ebooks , audio books, videos, online courses, subscriptions, memberships or webinars , to name a few.

For example, if you are very good at math, you can take a course of 30 videos of 5 to 10 minutes each in which you teach math to pre-university students. Then you upload the course to a

  • Membership.
  • If your blog has many visits and is well positioned in Google on its subject (or at least for certain keywords ), you can join the affiliate program of a brand and start selling your products in exchange for a commission . Amazon, for example, has a lot of blogs that “work” as their affiliates. In this way, selling with a blog becomes sewing and singing.

    So, if you are a lover of technology you can write in your blog articles with in-depth reviews of the latest smartphones that come to the market and at the end of the article leave a link to Amazon in which your readers can buy that product. If the sale closes, the cookies will act as snitches, they will tell Amazon that you have recommended the sale and will charge a commission. The same goes for travel blogs , for example.

    1. Advertising.

    To be honest, is the way we like least to sell with a blog . Unless you get your blog is a reference, you will not get to live on the advertising revenue that this generates. Think that to win only 1,000 dollars you will need a huge web traffic .

    Perhaps as easy to implement as they are, Adsense ads are the most popular when we talk about advertising. However, there are other more complex options to monetize but also more profitable in the long term, such as the sale of links, sponsored posts, payment reviews or sponsorships .

    1. Physical products.

    If you already have a physical store in which you sell a material product, through a blog you can get your sales to multiply exponentially .

    Think that if your store is located in Zaragoza, for example, your potential customers will be the people of Zaragoza. However, if your store is on the internet , your potential customers will be millions of people from all over the planet.


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