What is the Minimum Viable Product?

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Before jumping into the pool , it is best to test the product or service that is intended to be commercialized. Therefore, the best advice we can give an as easily, quickly and cheaply as possible . There will be time to complicate everything later. Let’s talk about the minimum viable product.

The reason is very simple: imagine that you make a large

To avoid this happening, the best way to start is through the so-called Minimum Viable Product , or MVP for its acronym in English.

What is the MVP or minimum viable product?

The Minimum Viable Product is a first version of the product / service with the minimum functionalities to present it to the market and check if there is interest in acquiring it.

Eric Ries, one of the authors of the popular Lean Startup method, defines it as the partial version of a product that allows validating the idea in the market , that is, checking if it is the product that customers want without having to make a large investment economic

An MVP serves not to create products that nobody is willing to buy and to avoid great wastage of resources and energy in projects that do not have the minimum trajectory in the market.

Later, once the business idea with the MVP has been validated, we will be able to develop a second version of our product or service that is more complete and has more features.

Advantages of the Minimum Viable Product

If we start for the first time , the creation of the Viable Minimum Product can help us to do it with guarantees for several reasons.

The first, and most important, is that it will allow us to launch a product or service with demand , since if the MVP does not pass the initial test, we will abandon it.

In addition, we make sure that our efforts, our time, our illusion and our something that people are willing to pay for .

Finally, in the event that the MVP fails, we will have learned a lesson with the lowest possible opportunity cost .

How to create an MVP (+ example)

Creating a Minimum Viable Product means understanding the needs of our client . What is the problem and how do we intend to solve it? What does our competition offer? What can we do better than this?

Once we have all the information we need, we can create a first prototype of our product or service . It does not have to be perfect nor we must invest several months in launching it, but quite the opposite. We will make it simple and we will place it in the market within a maximum period of two months.

For example, if we want to create a website creation business, our MVP can start from a landing page (link to this month’s article) or landing page, which is a simplified website, usually “one page”, in which We will detail the basic characteristics of our service.

The landing page must have a very clear objective: to generate an action on the user . In our case, the action could be to get you to contact us through a form to explain your project and request a quote.

That first service we offer should be as simple as possible. In our case it could be a responsive web with certain characteristics in terms of menus and installed plugins, with very few possibilities of customization and with a closed

If after a while we found that there are many people interested in hiring us, maybe then it’s time to invest in a more complete web , to offer more customizable websites, to use pricing strategies …

But if we see that there is no demand … To another thing, butterfly! We will have lost little time and little money.


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