How to save 50% of your payroll

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It sounds like science fiction, but it is not at all. Many people get to save 50% of their salary each month . And no, they are not aliens. Neither are millionaires, nor extreme stingy. They are just people who manage their personal finances with rigor and expertise. And you, do you want to save 50% of your payroll?

We’re not going to cheat you, it’s not easy. Saving such a high percentage of income is complicated, but it is not impossible. Next we are going to give you some tips that will help you to achieve it. You can assume that people who save half their salary apply them to the letter.

Tips to save 50% of your payroll

  1. Do not buy anything that you do not really need.

It is not the same to need to buy something that wants to buy something. Most people confuse these two terms and buy things by desire , not by necessity.

The first rule to save 50% of your payroll is to dispense with unnecessary purchases. You must buy only what you really need to live, and when you do, look for quality and durability, do not look for bargains.

  1. Do not have a car

On one occasion we took out the calculator, we made numbers and we showed you that . If you live in a big city you should do without it, since the costs of owning a vehicle are a drag on your ability to save.

Almost certainly, your travel needs can be perfectly covered with public transport (bus or metro), with shared car services, with a bicycle or with an electric scooter. Dare to check it.

  1. Do not eat in restaurants.

We all like to sit on the terrace of a good restaurant and taste an exquisite dish, preferably with dessert and glass. The problem is that eating away from home is expensive, or very expensive, and if you want to save 50% of your payroll, you’ll have to stop doing it.

With imagination, time and desire to investigate and experiment, you can also enjoy a great culinary experience cooking at home. Leave the restaurants only for very few occasions.

  1. Do not spend more than the account in leisure.

Why spend money on leisure when you can spend it extraordinarily well without opening the wallet? Most people are not able to control the money they spend while having a good time with family or friends. And think about it coldly: a badly managed Saturday afternoon can make all your saving effort during the week go to waste.

If in the same equation of leisure you include a car trip to the other side of the city, a whimsical purchase, snack, movies and even a cheap dinner at a low cost restaurant, the result is 100 dollars less in your checking account .

  1. Do not pay on credit.

If you finance your purchases and pay them on credit, two things happen: first, you buy things you do not really need with money that you do not have; and second, you generate a fixed monthly expense that will devour part of your future income for many months (sometimes, years).

A basic rule of a good saver is to reduce the fixed expenses to its minimum expression. Therefore, if you want to save half of your salary, stay out of debt as much as you can.

Bonus track to save 50% of your payroll

Saving such a high percentage of your income will not be easy, so here are some extra tips:

  • Reduce your to zero.
  • Plan your meals in advance and prepare a .
  • Instead of buying, try to do it yourself.
  • Do not throw, repair.
  • Control your bills so you do not overpay.
  • Do not ask for food at home.
  • Do not spend to spend on “special occasions”.

In summary, what it is about is to maintain a frugal and minimalist lifestyle , giving maximum importance to every dollars that comes out of your pocket. From here we encourage you to change your consumption habits and savings to achieve it. Believe us, the reward deserves the effort.


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