Is it worth buying a 0 mile car?

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is not a good investment. In fact, it is just the opposite: a lousy investment in which the loss of money increases with the passage of time. Each year that passes, your car will be worth less . But … and buy a 0 mile car?

At the same time that you register your vehicle for the first time and take it out of the dealership, it loses around 10% of its value. When one year passes, the car will have depreciated an additional 10%. And in only 5 years it will have lost 60% of its factory value. Surely you can think of a for your money.

However, the car is sometimes . If you do not live in a big city and your work is not close to home, you have three options: change jobs, change homes or use the car to go from home to work and from work to home . As you imagine, almost everyone chooses the third option.

Buy a 0 mile car, a solution for everyone

If you are thinking about renewing your vehicle or buying one for the first time and you do not want the investment to be so catastrophic, you can consider acquiring one of 0 mile .

The cars of 0 mile are new cars , only that by the dealer or by the own brand for commercial reasons. For example, to achieve the sales goal of the quarter or year.

Once they have been enrolled, their devaluation process begins. However, they are cars that have never been used by individuals and that usually have very few kilometers (a few hundred maximum).

It is important to differentiate between 0 mile cars and pre-owned cars , since they are not the same. The pre-owned vehicles (or second-hand vehicles) are test cars used by dealers so that their customers experience the feeling of driving them before buying them, and they can not be sold at any time as 0 mile cars.

The advantages of buying a car 0 mile

The 0 mile cars offer three advantages over totally new cars that could justify your purchase:

  1. They have no wear. As we have explained, these are unused vehicles, if at all, with a few hundred kilometers maximum. Therefore, they are still new cars.
  2. They are cheaper. Although it depends on the car model and the moment of purchase, a 0 mile can
  3. Pay and take it. No orders or waiting for enrollment. Delivery times of 0 mile are very limited, as they are ready for sale.

They look like a master purchase, right?

Disadvantages of buying a car 0 mile

Despite these advantages, there are also some “but”. These cars have two main drawbacks:

  1. The guarantee is less. The warranty period begins when the vehicle is registered, so if you buy it 8 months after being registered, the 2-year warranty is reduced to only 1 year and 4 months.
  2. You can not customize it The car is what it is, both in mileage and personalization. You can not choose a lighter color or a sportier seat. The product does not accept changes.

If you’re wondering if it’s worth buying a 0 mile car, we’ll tell you that in most cases, yes.

These are cars that tend to sell quickly, so the loss of the warranty period is usually minimal. On the other hand, the dealers choose as cars of 0 mile those that have neutral colors and more or less popular factory configurations, reason why they are attractive for the majority of buyers.

If you are thinking about renewing your vehicle, do not miss the chance to ask about this type of car.


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