Take control of your finances with these four habits

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If you want to you will have to arm yourself with patience. It is not something that can be achieved overnight, but it is a long-distance race that requires commitment and effort, two values ​​that are scarce today.

In this article we will analyze the four put order in your domestic economy and have control over your finances . You will see how they are very easy to apply if you have the right mentality.

This is what you have to do to have control of your finances


With advertising we try to convince you that you are happier how much more you consume: how much better your car is , the bigger your home and the more expensive your clothes, the greater your status and the greater your happiness. Well, we’re sorry to tell you that it’s not like that . In fact, it is rather the opposite.

The first habit you should incorporate into your life if you want to take control of your finances is . Forget the luxuries, buy to buy and live above your means . Buy only what you need and do not spend one dollars more than strictly necessary.


Saving is the consequence of consuming responsibly. If you and learn to live without taking your of your pocket, savings will become a reality . You must internalize this concept and make it a habit: every dollars you do not spend is a dollars that you save and a giant step to finish controlling your finances .

The investment should be the next step. To prevent compound interest and the passage of the years do the rest.


The short term does not seem profitable. If you avoid giving yourself a whim, your brain tricks you into believing that you have lost the opportunity to enjoy a good experience. It is the trap of the short-term mentality: the prize for immediacy .

Healthy only achieved with a long-term vision. Saving one hundred dollars a month seems small, but in 20 years the sum would amount to 24,000 dollars. If you invest it and achieve a return of 8% per year, the final figure exceeds 59,000 dollars. Much better that way, right?


Continuous learning is the key to success, both personally and economically. The world turns very fast and the knowledge that you acquire is obsolete very easily. If you want to keep yourself in the ointment of wisdom you can not give up your training .

Set yourself the goal of learning two or three new things a year. With the unlimited amount of on the internet, if you do not form, it is because you do not want to. Money is no longer a barrier. You can learn for free and from the comfort of your home sofa on any topic that interests you. Do not miss this opportunity to cultivate your mind.


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