Veganism, everything you need to know about a booming trend

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Veganism, a fashion? A response to an untenable situation? We can not know what has caused the boom of vegan food but the population is eating less and less products of animal origin. According to , veganism is the biggest food trend today . Hard to believe? Attention to these graphs.

The first reflects the trend, in terms of the number of times that Google has been searched, “vegan food”.

Something similar happens with “vegan restaurants” or “vegan recipes”.

This other graph shows the number of orders of vegan products received per month in Just Eat. Definitely, vegan food is in fashion.

Is veganism fashionable?

At the same time, dozens of restaurants offering vegan food have opened their doors in recent years and hundreds of blogs talk about recipes that do not use any product of animal origin. What makes all those people change their eating habits? Let’s find the reasons.

What leads a human being in fullness of mental faculties to eat vegan

The vegan argument is extensive; however, for every study advocated by veganism another critic appears. Therefore, it is best to try your own body, know what kind of food you feel better or worse and make a decision based on your moral and experience . Here are some of the arguments most used by the vegan collective.

Better health and sports performance

If we rely on the number of elite athletes who have switched their diet to one based on plants, it seems that is true. Carl Lewis became a vegan in 1990 and, , the first year after the change of diet was the best of his career. His results in 1991 and later prove it, making him the first athlete in history to lose 9.90 seconds. And without eating animals.

The consumption of meat is usually associated with strength and muscle. To overthrow that myth is being commissioned by , known as “the strongest man in the world”, vegetarian since 2005 and vegan since 2011. If these examples are a bit too far away, perhaps you will hear another two recognized vegans: , champion of the world of F1 or , player of Arsenal and of the Spanish soccer team.

Moral reasons

If you do not plan on earning your living as an athlete, the sporting argument will know little by little, like tofu. In this case, the other most frequent motivation is ethics. For the same reason you would not eat a dog, a vegan does not eat a cow. His theory is that nature did not designate some animals to be eaten and others to be paraded. The difference is even between countries, in India the cows are protected by law, here we put them in bread.

Environmental reasons

If a definitive takeoff of the vegan diet takes place it is probably for this reason. It has been shown that the meat industry

Should we become vegan?

Of course not, the important thing is to know the situation, the impact of your habits and potential benefits and then make a decision. Of course, always with the supervision of a professional.

Do you dare to try? Go vegan!



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