Get to save on fuel with these simple tips

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The constant rise in fuel will make our next vacation to fill the tank more expensive than a year ago. Because of this, it is important to take certain measures to save on fuel and for the tank to last more kilometers. This will result in a saving of money that can be used for other things. If you are interested in how to reduce fuel consumption, here are some tips that can be very useful.

Before starting the vehicle

The first of all is to have the vehicle in good condition with all the settings changed, that is, filters, liquids and lubricants. It is also important to have good tires with the correct pressure so that consumption does not trip.

Also, it is necessary to have the planned trip . This does not only imply knowing which route is the shortest, but also the type of road, the speed at which it can be taken, etc.

In the case of having baca, but you will use it, it is better to disassemble it to reduce air resistance, reducing consumption.

In addition, it is advisable to remove everything that is not necessary from the trunk , since as weight increases, so does fuel consumption .

Finally, choose suitable footwear . This means avoiding the use of shoes with a lot of sole that prevent feeling the accelerator pedal.

When we are underway

When we have started the vehicle, the first thing to avoid is to accelerate, especially when the car has just started and is still cold. With each acceleration, a large amount of fuel is wasted.

Also, it is necessary to keep in mind how the gear change is carried out, since if we want to save, it is essential to make the change in time. In a diesel engine this should be done around 1,500 revolutions. However, in a gasoline engine around 2,000.

Maintain a correct safety distance. In this way you will avoid having to slow down and then accelerate to regain speed.

After a stop on the slope, it is advisable to release the brake and put second directly. Thus, a gear change is not made in vain and fuel is saved.

In addition, not abusing air conditioning or heating reduces the fuel consumption of our vehicle. Therefore, it is advisable to cool or heat the car but without having very extreme temperatures.

Finally, on many occasions, it is better to park in the first hole that is seen even if it is necessary to walk to reach the destination.


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